living in the in between

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Photographs of Icelandic volcanoes by Marcel Musil


To the Wonder (2013) dir. Terrence Malick

a walk in the glen.

a video i made for a final project in my ecopsychology class

wow life + school + relationships + work + family + all the things is exhausting 

Slum Love- Kimbra 

on repeat rn 

so tbh youve been like my inspiration for self love and i think youre really beautiful and yr really important to me but like not in like a creepy way??? but in like a "i hope nothing bad ever happens to you like ever" kind of way and just wow okay youre perf and i wish you could see that every minute of every hour of every day too


omg this is the sweetest message i have ever gotten and i am definitely crying a lil right now bc of it.  thank you sweet person, i rlly rlly appreciate this with all of my heart soul n all that 

physical appearance is so weird.  sometimes i rlly think i am just like an unattractive person, like gross no good just not attractive.  and i mean parts of me are attractive i guess.  but really i just don’t understand the obsession with physical appearance.  like what’s so fucking bad about being ugly or having a belly or acne or not looking like how you’re supposed to look??? and maybe i am attractive to someone (altho i doubt it mostly) i just hate thinking about that and comparing myself to others and i wanna focus on the good things that my body can DO like run and dance and swim and sing and play music and hug and give massages and grow food etc etc


Nicholas Roerich (Russian, 1874-1947), The Knight of the Morning from the Equus aeternus series, 1918. Oil on panel, 44 x 72.4 cm.



Fannie Sosa by Emmanuelle Tricoire


Instead of leaking celebrity photos we could leak pdf versions of college textbooks? Idk just an idea


something i am working on, a rough cut
something i started playing while the cicadas were out and the air was warm and thick